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The Wisconsin Soybean Association knows the challenges Wisconsin soybean farmers face: That’s because WSA is farmer led. To best represent Wisconsin soybean farmers and the issues facing producers, WSA needs more than a board of farmer leaders — it needs you.

Membership drives legislative and policy activity. Your investment in membership allows WSA directors to work on behalf of all Wisconsin soybean farmers in Madison and in Washington, D.C. By becoming a member, you ensure your voice is heard on issues important to the state’s soybean industry.

Approximately 10 percent of Wisconsin soybean farmers are members. Imagine what we could do with all Wisconsin soybean farmers as members, speaking with one voice.

Membership Benefits

By joining WSA, you strengthen and support regulatory and legislative issues advancing soybean growers, such as:

  • INTERNATIONAL TRADE ACCESS: Representing soybean interests, aggressively working to assure equal trade access.
  • BIODIESEL INITIATIVES: Working on the national level with large over the road fleet operations, using biodiesel blends.
  • EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: Developing seminars for growers on production and marketing practices.
  • IMPLEMENTS OF HUSBANDRY LEGISLATION IN WISCONSIN (IOH): Working with legislators and members to modify the legislation so it is fair and implementable- keeping farmers informed.
  • LEGISLATIVE PRIORITIES: Supporting legislation for the betterment of agriculture and soybean growers. Working on Farm Bill.
  • SOYBEAN PROCESSING: Working to establish a significant soybean processing plant in Wisconsin.
  • SOYBEAN PRODUCTION RESEARCH: Enhancing profitability in conjunction with positive environmental practices.
  • SOYBEAN SCIENCE OUTREACH PROGRAMS: Providing soybean education to urban Wisconsin elementary students.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Working with members to keep them informed and updated on the sustainability protocols to ensure access to important international markets through Direct on Farm activities, including field days and workshops.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Working with members to provide continuous improvement in technology and cultural practices.
  • TIMELY PUBLICATIONS: Providing the latest soybean research, upcoming events and informing members via the Soy Sentinel.
  • WISCONSIN CORN • SOY EXPO: Attending Wisconsin’s Premier Row Crop Educational Event in Wisconsin Dells.

Receive all member benefits including significant registration discounts to Corn Soy Expo, Commodity Classic and all other WSA and ASA events.

This is a 3-Year Membership only. Includes 2 coupons for 5 FREE bags of seed and qualifies. 3 designated farm partners as members. They receive all member benefits including significant registration discounts to Corn Soy Expo, Commodity Classic and all other WSA and ASA events.

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