Celebrating 50 years

Wisconsin Soybean Association was formed in 50 years ago in 1973. Since then, the organization has evolved into a strong advocacy group for Wisconsin’s soybean farmers.

WSA 50th Anniversary, Episode 1

In Episode 1, we take a look back at 50 years of advocacy with the Wisconsin Soybean Association. From advocacy to education, WSA has had a rich and long history of advocating for Wisconsin Soybean Association.

WSA 50th Anniversary, Episode 2

The Wisconsin Soybean Association works for farm friendly policies on behalf of the state’s soybean farmers. In this episode, WSA leaders talk about the importance of having an advocacy organization and what some of the policy priorities are for soybean farmers.

WSA 50th Anniversary, Episode 3

The Wisconsin Soybean Association has worked closely with the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board through its history together. Learn how the soybean checkoff has helped advance soy production in Wisconsin.

WSA 50th Anniversary, Episode 4

For 50 years, the Wisconsin Soybean Association has worked tirelessly on behalf of Wisconsin’s soybean farmers. WSA directors are volunteers who advocate for sensible farm policies. In order to do this, WSA needs members, the driving force behind advocacy efforts and success.

WSA 50th Anniversary, Episode 5

What does the future hold for the Wisconsin Soybean Association and soybean farmers in Wisconsin? The fifth and final episode of the WSA 50th Anniversary video series looks at the future of the industry.

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