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Badger Bean

Badger Bean was designed with the soybean grower in mind. From harvest to marketplace, it’s our goal to provide a simple, easy-to-access resource center for the betterment and advancement of a sustainable soybean industry.

Cool Bean

The Wisconsin Soybean Extension Program goal is to increase the economic and environmental sustainability of Midwest soybean and small grain production. We work to provide Wisconsin growers the latest soybean research, timely crop management recommendations and diagnostics. Through our research, we generate science based solutions to address real world problems in soybean and small grain production.

Badger Crop Doc

This University of Wisconsin-Madison and UW-Extension website offers the latest in research and outreach pertaining to field crop diseases and their management.

Corn Soy Expo

It is always an exciting and interesting time to be a corn or soybean grower or a pork producer. Corn/Soy Expo is a joint effort of the Wisconsin Corn Growers Association, Wisconsin Soybean Association, and Wisconsin Pork Association. Please enjoy your educational time at the sessions and meeting with the exhibitors in our trade show.

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