Wisconsin Soybean Association Directors

Board members from across the state represent the voices of Wisconsin soybean growers to advocate for government policies and support research that helps improve the profitability of soybean farmers.

Board Members

American Soybean Association
Don Lutz

Scandinavia, WI, District 4

American Soybean Association
Tanner Johnson

Prairie Farm, WI, District 1

Sara Stelter

Wautoma, WI, District 2

Vice President
Doug Rebout

Janesville, WI, District 3

Matt Rehberg

Darien, WI, District 3

Daniel Linse

Mondovi, WI, District 1

Steve Trzebiatowski

Amherst, WI, District 1

Dr. Shawn P. Conley

Madison, WI, District 3

Dave Coggins

Manitowoc, WI, District 3

Katie Kaczor

De Pere, WI, District 4


Ryan Smith

Executive Director

From the Dairyland to D.C., WSA farmer leaders, along with the American Soybean Association, work on behalf of our 1,200 members to ensure farm friendly policy is set at the local, state and national level that actually works for Wisconsin’s more than 11,000 soybean farmers.
• Be the No. 1 source of soybean information for legislators and political influencers and to increase effectiveness in public policy arenas.
• Serve as the go-to resource for WSA members and soybean industry partners in the state and nationally.
• Recruit, develop and retain future soybean leaders with an eye on ag policy in Wisconsin.

Voluntary membership in WSA allows our director to work on behalf of all Wisconsin soybean farmers in Madison and in Washington, D.C. By becoming a member, you ensure your voice is heard on issues important to the state’s soybean industry.

Strengthen the voice of Wisconsin soybean growers by joining today.