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Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board joins Northern Soy Marketing

Categories: WSMBPublished On: February 15, 20232.3 min read

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The Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board (WSMB) joins the soy checkoff boards of Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota as the newest member of Northern Soy Marketing (NSM).

The NSM farmer-led board invests soy checkoff dollars to conduct research on soybean quality and Critical Amino Acid Value (CAAV) levels in northern-grown soybeans and funds outreach to buyers and nutritionists around the world.

The mission and purpose of the board is to encourage the international soybean marketplace, especially those in Southeast Asia, to recognize essential amino acids concentration, rather than crude protein as the most complete and best indicator of soybean quality and feeding value.

“Soybeans are an important crop for Wisconsin and provide a great protein source for our livestock industry,” said Nancy Kavazanjian, who represents Wisconsin soybean farmers on the United Soybean Board. “Everything we can do to showcase the great nutritional value of our soybeans helps grow demand for our farm products and increases the profitability of Wisconsin agriculture.”

Kavazanjian will also represent Wisconsin on the NSM board.

Soybeans grown in NSM member states, including Wisconsin, are typically lower in crude protein but higher in critical essential amino acids. Because whole soybeans and meal have historically been valued largely on crude protein quantity, soybeans with lower crude protein are often overlooked.

“A higher crude protein content does not necessarily equate to higher protein quality or better nutritional value in feeding monogastric animals,” said Adam Kask, WSMB manager of strategic programs. “True protein quality is based on the presence and balance of essential amino acids. The goal of NSM aligns with WSMB’s mission to promote our high-quality soy and create more of a demand for Wisconsin soybeans.”

WSMB investing in NSM comes on the heels of their November board meeting where they set strategic direction for the rest of the fiscal year, which included identifying avenues to amplify their core priorities.

“Working together with our neighboring states is the best way to multiply our efficiencies and strengthens our efforts, “Kavazanjian said. “WSMB is eager to join Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota through NSM to do just that.”

About Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board
WSMB is the 10-person board of elected farmers who oversee the investment of soybean checkoff money into new uses, new markets, production research, promotion and education in order to positively impact Wisconsin’s soybean farmers and the soy industry.

About Northern Soy Marketing
Northern Soy Marketing, LLC is the farmer-leader board formed by the soybean checkoff boards of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota and Wisconsin. The board invests grower checkoff funds to conduct research on soybean quality and Critical Amino Acid Value (CAAV) levels in northern-grown soybeans and funds outreach to buyers around the world.