Uzbekistan trade team learns about Wisconsin soybeans, dairy industry

Categories: WSMBPublished On: October 4, 20231.3 min read

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Soybean meal is traditionally a staple of poultry and swine operations throughout the United States. But in dairy-rich Wisconsin, tradition is flipped on its head. 

That’s why bringing a dairy-focused trade team from Uzbekistan isn’t as big of a head scratcher as some might find it to be. 

“You’d traditionally bring in a poultry trade team in cases like this,” said Adam Kask, manager of strategic programs for the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board. “However, our farmer leaders are very supportive of agriculture throughout the state.” 

While poultry, swine and turkeys consume the majority of soybean meal in the United States, that isn’t the case in Wisconsin. According to the Soybean Meal Info Center, livestock consumed 679 thousand tons of the state’s soymeal in 2021. Of that, dairy accounted for 58%, followed by broilers (17%), layers (9%), turkeys (7%), swine (6%) and beef (2%).

The trade team is the first in a larger project to increase Wisconsin soybean exports to Uzbekistan. In 2024, WSMB will join a regional project to showcase Wisconsin soybean farmers, its strong ports and infrastructure and the quality of soybeans grown in the state. 

Uzbekistan, a landlocked country, has strong poultry and a growing dairy industry. In 2022, the first shipment of U.S. soybean meal, 700 metric tons, reached Uzbekistan via the St. Lawrence Seaway. The waterway is the perfect outlet between the two countries for upper-Midwest soybeans.

“The Marketing Board does a great job assessing new projects and looking for opportunities for Wisconsin soybeans,” Kask said. “We look forward to seeing how this project progresses with our friends from Uzbekistan.”