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Soy checkoff moooooves into Cows on the Concourse

Categories: WSMBPublished On: June 12, 20241.2 min read

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When most people think about dairy, they think milk, cheese, yogurt and their favorite flavor of ice cream. Not too many people think about soy and dairy.  

That’s why the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board (WSMB) ventured onto the concourse at the Capitol June 1 in Madison to discuss soy’s vital role in one of the state’s most recognized industries. 

“In most states, poultry, turkey or swine are the top consumers of soymeal,” said Adam Kask, executive director for WSMB. “We felt it was important to get involved with our dairy partners and celebrate the top consumer of soymeal in the state.” 

Dairy cows in Wisconsin consume 385,000 tons of soymeal each year, which is more than poultry, turkey and swine combined (258,000 tons). 

“We enjoyed sharing a bit more about how soybeans play a role in the production of milk products,” Kask said.  

Despite the rain, traffic stayed steady as Wisconsinites moved about the various dairy vendors and took in a chance to pet a dairy cow in one of two petting zones.  

In 2024, WSMB funded a project with Quality Roasting, looking at roasted high oleic soybean meal in dairy rations. In addition, the soy checkoff invested in several dairy events throughout the state. 

“It’s important to have good relationships with all of our ag partners,” said Patrick Mullooly, WSMB president. “We’re proud to help feed the industry and contribute to the great products that come from Wisconsin’s dairy industry.”