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Farm to fire: Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board to attend SoyFoam TF 1122™ demonstration in Georgia

Categories: WSMB, WSPPublished On: March 18, 20241.2 min read

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The Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board is heading to Dalton, Georgia, March 18-20 for a firsthand demonstration of one of its latest checkoff investments – SoyFoam TF 1122™.  

SoyFoam TF 1122™ is a wetting/smothering agent capable of extinguishing Class A and Class B fires while eliminating intentionally added PFAS chemicals. There are also no detectable fluorines (less than 1 parts per million) in the composition of the foam concentrate. SoyFoam TF 1122™ is the first and only firefighting foam to attain the gold level through GreenScreen Certified® for Safer Chemicals.  

“The Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board recently invested in this project because we saw the potential and its environmental advantage,” WSMB President Pat Mullooly said. “I’m excited to see the progress that’s been made and how this technology is being used to reduce first responders’ exposure to harmful chemicals.”  

SoyFoam TF 1122™ attributes its environmental advantage to being certified 84 percent biobased, certified readily biodegradable and made with soy grown in the U.S.  

Mullooly, along with WSMB Executive Director Adam Kask​​​, will attend a SoyFoam TF 1122™ demonstration in real-world equipment at the Dalton training station, along with visiting Premier Polymers, the manufacturing site of the product. Both Mullooly and Kask will join a larger group of soybean farmers, fire fighters, industry leaders and experts from across the U.S.  

“This product is a prime example of how soybeans can make a greater impact and bring multiple industries together,” Kask said. “The demonstration will showcase just that.”