2024 Wisconsin Corn·Soy Expo: A look behind the scenes

Categories: WSA, WSMBPublished On: January 29, 20242.7 min read

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It’s that time of year again where farmers and agricultural professionals from all over the state come together for Wisconsin’s Corn Soy Expo. The Wisconsin Soybean Association (WSA), the Wisconsin Corn Growers Association and the Wisconsin Pork Association are hosts this year. It takes place at the Kalahari Conference Center in the Wisconsin Dells on February 1st and 2nd, 2024.  

Doug Monson, who oversees marketing and communications for the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board (WSMB), spoke with Pam Jahnke on PODTalk to discuss developing details for this year’s event.  

Corn Soy Expo 2024: A Special Year for the WSA 

Corn Soy Expo is particularly significant this year because it marks the 50th anniversary of the Wisconsin Soybean Association, a milestone that Doug Monson and the event organizers are very excited about. As part of the celebration, the association has prepared a video series and a special 50th-anniversary magazine. In addition, an anniversary event will be held at the Kalahari on Jan. 31, the night before Expo begins. Among the notable content featured in their celebration materials is the story of Ken Lynn Johansen, who is renowned for his contributions to biodiesel and the Kansas Soybean Association. Johansen, as the first executive director of WSA and WSMB, started his job in a humble setting: an apartment with a card table serving as his office.  

Online Resources Ahead of the Expo 

The WSMB recently launched a website, wisoybean.org, that helps support and differentiate between the Association and the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board and the work that both entities perform. This website has made it easier for growers to register for an Association membership, moving the registration process from the national partner to a direct online portal. Making this registration process easier and faster is vital to the Association, as currently there are over 14,000 soybean farmers in Wisconsin, but only 1,200 members. 

What to Expect at Corn Soy Expo 2024 

New sponsors and participant groups are a particular source of excitement for this year’s Corn Soy Expo, emphasizing the focus on agronomy that has always been central to the event’s identity. It’s not just agronomy, however; there are a wide variety of learning opportunities at the event. One such opportunity this year will focus on the often overlooked topic of mental health. Doug Monson shared the ambition for this year’s event to foster understanding of the importance of early mental health intervention.  

Additionally, Expo will delve into areas such as market trends, updates on the Farm Bill and an enlightening panel discussion about crop marketing and partnership programs. There will also be a collaboration with the U.S. Meat Export Federation to bring greater understanding of the complex workings of port partnerships. Attendees can look forward to hearing from UW- Extension researchers in an open conversation about soybean research and funding. 

The 2024 Wisconsin Corn Soy Expo promises to be an enriching and educational experience for its attendees, filled with insights into agronomy, mental health awareness, market trends and partnerships. Attendees can look forward to collaborative sessions, engaging panel discussions and significant learning opportunities. This showcases not only the past achievements of the Association, but also sets the stage for a future of progress and growth in the industry.  

To learn more about Corn Soy Expo visit cornsoyexpo.org.