Wisconsin Soybean Planting and Early Emergence Continues for 2015 Season

Madison, WI, May, 2015 – Soybean planting progress continues across Wisconsin as farmers work to finish their spring planting and spraying. Soybean planting was at 74 percent complete at the beginning of this week, tied for the second highest percent planted by May 24th in more than 35 years. Soybeans emerged was 35 percent, 9 days ahead of the five-year average.

Hard frosts midweek impacted emerging crops in northern Wisconsin, with some crop reporters noting yellowing and signs of stress. Crop reporters also say crop emergence has slowed in response to dry soil conditions. However, recent warmer temperatures and widespread soaking rains last weekend improved conditions for much of the state.

Topsoil moistures after the latest rain event, however, rainfall totals at the major weather stations remain behind normal for both the season and the year. Spring tillage is more than 94 percent complete statewide which is more than two weeks ahead of last year and 12 days ahead of the five-year average.

What to Watch for in Soybeans

University of Wisconsin-Extension Soybean Specialist Dr. Shawn Conley offers some tips for farmer to watch for in the next few weeks with soybeans.

“First, go out and assess those soybean stands,” Conley recommends. “Check to see how your soybean seed treatments are holding up. Also don’t be too quick to replant or “fill in” an existing stand. Maximum economic yields are often achieved with just 100,000 plants per acre. Don’t touch that stand if it is above 50,000 plants per acre and if below just offset your planter and fill in the thin spots.”

Lastly, check your early season weed control.

“Our pre emergence herbicides are holding great whereas the neighboring fields that did not get that pre are starting to get weedy in a hurry,” Conley says. “Early season weed control pays dividends regardless of commodity price.”

For more timely information on soybeans visit www.coolbean.info or follow Dr. Conley on Twitter at @badgerbean.