Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board “Miso Meets Meat” Recipe Contest for Consumers and Foodservice Professionals

Madison, WI, October 20,, 2015— As American consumers and chefs continue to explore new aspects of the farm-to-table connection, soybeans have moved to the forefront as a plant-based protein for vegetarians and carnivores alike. The Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board (WSMB) invites Wisconsin consumers and foodservice professionals to celebrate this connection by entering their recipe ideas in the “Miso Meets Meat” recipe contest.  All recipes should combine miso—a fermented soybean paste prized for its savory flavor—with meat or fish. The foodservice and consumer first-place winners each receive $1000, second place each $500 and third place each $250.

For this contest, the WSMB has selected miso as its soy recipe ingredient of choice because miso offers nutrition and health benefits, and is distinguished by a savory flavor that is highly compatible with meat and fish. Miso also enhances soups, salad dressings and sauces. Stirring miso into mayonnaise or softened butter adds a distinctive note to condiments. Miso is commonly used as a flavoring in Japanese cooking, where it has long been valued for its umami (savory) flavor and health benefits. Among its many benefits, miso is a probiotic food and high in isoflavones.

Soybeans grown by Wisconsin farmers are not only used for soyfoods, but also contribute to producing the high quality meats consumed in this country and internationally.  The state’s farmers grow soybeans that are in turn supplied to farmers to feed the cows, fish, chickens and pigs they raise to feed the nation and beyond. This soy symbiosis is now coming full circle as we recognize the diversity of high-quality protein available in the U.S.

Consumers and foodservice professionals have until December 31, 2015 to enter their recipes in the “Miso Meets Meat” contest. The recipe contest celebrates the quality food partnership between soybean farmers and other farmers who raise meats, poultry and seafood to enrich the American diet. Recipes should combine miso with meat. For inspiration, visit the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board website at www.wisoybean.org.

“Soy Meets Meat” Contest Rules
1. Please note if you are a consumer or foodservice professional on your submission
2. For foodservice professionals please note your business affiliation or if you are a culinary
3. Please submit the typed recipe with name, address, email, phone number to Linda Funk,
lfunk@flavorfulinsight.com. All questions should be directed to this email also.
DEADLINE: Dec 31, 2015
4. The recipe should be an entrée or main dish, include chicken, beef, pork or trout.
5. Recipe yield should be 8-12 servings.
6. Please note what miso used is used- white, yellow or red.
7. The recipes will be judged on-
Taste -30 points
Miso use- 30 points
Creativity- 30 points
Video- 10 points
*Recipes and videos become the property of WSMB. The recipes and videos will be used to promote soybeans and soyfoods.