Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board Invites Growers to Enter Soybean Yield Contest April 16th, 2013

Date: April 16, 2013
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Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board Invites Growers to Enter Soybean Yield Contest

Madison, WI, April 16, 2013— Calling all Wisconsin soybean growers! It’s time to enter the fourth annual Wisconsin Soybean Yield Contest for cash prizes and trophies. The Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board knows that the state’s growers are producing soybeans more efficiently than they were 30 years ago, and wants to recognize the efforts and achievements of Wisconsin’s top soybean producers.

To enter the Wisconsin Soybean Yield Contest, a grower must complete the contest entry form available at www.coolbean.info by August 1, 2013 and follow up with Harvest Report Forms by November 22, 2013. Two winners from each of four geographical divisions in the state will receive awards. The first place award in each division includes a $1,000 cash prize; second-place honors include a $500 prize. Winners will be selected for having the highest soybean yield based on bushels per acre at 13% moisture. The awards ceremony is scheduled for February 6, 2014 during the Corn/Soy Expo at Wisconsin Dells.

Dr. Shawn Conley, University of Wisconsin-Extension Soybean Specialist says, “Soybeans have great potential to become an even higher value crop. The State Soybean Yield Contest is the perfect opportunity for Wisconsin growers to test their techniques and boost yields to help us meet the growing world demand for soybeans.”

Sponsors of the contest—Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board, the Wisconsin Soybean Association, University of Wisconsin-Extension, and UW College of Agricultural and Life Sciences —invite Wisconsin soybean growers to enter this fourth annual contest that recognizes Wisconsin’s top soybean producers. The contest encourages the development of new, innovative management practices and shows the importance of sound cultural practices in Wisconsin soybean production.

Today’s farmers grows twice as much food as his or her parents did, and does so using less land, energy and water, producing fewer emissions. According to a new report released by Field to Market, The Keystone Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture, six U.S. commodity groups—including soybeans—are being produced more efficiently than they were three decades ago. During the study period, from 1980 to 2011, total soybean production increased 96 percent and the yield (bushels per planted acre) increased 55 percent.

For entry information and additional details about the contest, Wisconsin soybean growers can call Dr. Shawn Conley at 608.262.7975, e-mail him at spconley@wisc.edu, or visit the website at www.coolbean.info. To learn more about the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board and its work, visit the website at www.wisoybean.org.

Audio: Listen to short interviews with Dr. Shawn Conley on soil conditions, planting suggestions and disease outlook for the upcoming growing season.

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The Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board (WSMB) is a grassroots, farmer-led organization that leads efforts in soybean research and the expansion of soybean market opportunities. Established in 1983 as part of a Wisconsin-mandated checkoff, the board works every day to maximize the profitability of Wisconsin soybean producers. It builds soybean demand, creates new uses for soybeans, and focuses on soybean disease research. WSMB is committed to providing statewide soy education and outreach programs that inform consumers about the benefits of soy. It offers a comprehensive soy curriculum for educators, and partners with the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Ag in the Classroom to provide Soybean Science Kits and lessons that increase agricultural literacy.