Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board Announces Yield Contest Winners, Elects New Officers February 5th, 2013

Date: February 5, 2013
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Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board Announces Yield Contest Winners, Elects New Officers

Madison, WI, February 5, 2013 — In spite of the drought overshadowing the 2012 growing season, Wisconsin soybean growers still produced surprisingly strong yields. Recently, the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board announced the winners of the 2012 State Soybean Yield Contest at the organization’s annual meeting held, January 31, during the 2013 Wisconsin Corn/Soy Expo at the Kalahari Convention Center in Wisconsin Dells.

“Despite the 2012 drought Wisconsin soybean growers show that diligence, proper management, and a timely rain shower can still lead to excellent soybean yields,” says Dr. Shawn Conley, UW-Extension Soybean Specialist.

State Soybean growers earning top honors include, in division four, first place winner, Kevin and Dale Bahr of Belmont. The duo harvested 82.6 bushels per acre. In second place, Nick Viney of Edgerton harvested 81.4 bu/a. Division three top honors went to Rick Devoe of Monroe who grew 75.2 bu/a. Josh Trautman of Edgerton took second place with 74.2 bu/a. In division two, first place winner, Jerry Koser of Almena harvested 73.7 bu/a. In second place, Jim Kroeplien from Sheboygan Falls grew 69.6 bu/a. Division one, first place winner, Steven Kloos of Stratford grew 61.2 bu/a and second place winner Paul Graf of Sturgeon Bay harvested 47.2 bu/a.

This is the third year for the statewide contest with entries increasing each year. The contest is sponsored by the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board and encourages the development of new and innovative management practices and to show the importance of using sound cultural practices in Wisconsin soybean production.

Also, during the Wisconsin Soybean Association and Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board Annual Meeting, held in conjunction with Wisconsin Corn/Soy Expo, members elected Brock Kensmore of Whitehall to serve a three-year term on the board. Other directors who were re-elected were Dan Roe of Monticello and Scott Baier of Elk Mound.

The group elected its officers for the coming year. Sherry Olson of Black River Falls will serve as president.

“I look forward to leading the Wisconsin Soybean Association,” says Olson, an industry representative with more than 30 years working in agriculture. “My focus is to help grow the Association’s membership and engage members in leadership opportunities at state and national levels.”

Along with Olson, officers elected include Dean Ruff of Bloomer, vice president; Don Lutz of Scandinavia, secretary; and Bob Studnicka of Muscoda, treasurer. Roe, who served as president last year, has recently been elected as a national director for the United Soybean Board.

Click here to listen to a short interview with Dr. Shawn Conley talking about 2012 Soybean Yield Contest results. To learn more about the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board, visit www.wisoybean.org.

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The Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board (WSMB) is a grassroots, farmer-led organization that leads efforts in soybean research and the expansion of soybean market opportunities. Established in 1983 as part of a Wisconsin-mandated checkoff, the board works every day to maximize the profitability of Wisconsin soybean producers. It builds soybean demand, creates new uses for soybeans, and focuses on soybean disease research. WSMB is committed to providing statewide soy education and outreach programs that inform consumers about the benefits of soy. It offers a comprehensive soy curriculum for educators, and partners with the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Ag in the Classroom to provide Soybean Science Kits and lessons that increase agricultural literacy.