Soy Biodiesel to Fuel 2013 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days June 28th, 2013

Date: June 28, 2013
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Soy Biodiesel to Fuel 2013 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days

Madison, WI, June 28, 2013 — Wisconsin’s 11,000 soybean farmers are fueling Farm Technology Days, July 9-11, 2013 in Barron County with a homegrown renewable fuel. For the first time in the show’s 59-year history, soy biodiesel will power all diesel equipment at the state’s largest outdoor agriculture technology showcase. The Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board (WSMB) will sponsor the soy biodiesel.

“We are thrilled to showcase the benefits of soy biodiesel at the 2013 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days,” says Andy Bensend, a soybean farmer from Dallas, Wis., and a District 1 WSMB director.

All trams, tractors and diesel-powered engines at the show will operate on B20, a fuel consisting of 20% soy biodiesel made from soybeans. This clean burning fuel benefits the environment and consumers, and has a positive impact on Wisconsin soybean farmers. During the show, attendees can test drive a variety of tractors and forage harvesting equipment powered by biodiesel.

“Our show offers a great opportunity to showcase advancements in agriculture,” say Tim Jorgenson, Barron County Agriculture Agent and Wisconsin Farm Technology Days 2013 Executive Secretary.

Barron County’s very own Sun Power Biodiesel will be the fuel supplier. Located in Cumberland, Wis., Sun Power Biodiesel specializes in the production and distribution of biodiesel. The plant produces more than 3 million gallons a year and operates two retail pay-at-the-pump fuel stations.

In recent years, renewable energy from agricultural crops, including soybeans, has helped boost the economy and reduce dependence on foreign fuels.

Hosts Alex and Mary Olson of Breezy Hill Dairy in Dallas, Wis., will welcome more than 60,000 people to their farm, July 9-11. For more information on 2013 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days, visit

To learn more about soy biodiesel benefits or to find a biodiesel fuel supplier near you, visit For more information about the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board and its work, visit the website at


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The Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board (WSMB) is a grassroots, farmer-led organization that leads efforts in soybean research and the expansion of soybean market opportunities. Established in 1983 as part of a Wisconsin-mandated checkoff, the board works every day to maximize the profitability of Wisconsin soybean producers. It builds soybean demand, creates new uses for soybeans, and focuses on soybean disease research. WSMB is committed to providing statewide soy education and outreach programs that inform consumers about the benefits of soy. It offers a comprehensive soy curriculum for educators, and partners with the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Ag in the Classroom to provide Soybean Science Kits and lessons that increase agricultural literacy.