Ride Along in the Combine Buddy Seat with a Wisconsin Soybean Farmer October 3rd, 2013

Date: October 3, 2013
Media Contact: 
Linda Funk
Flavorful Insight, 515-491-8636

Interviews & photos
available upon request.

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Ride Along in the Combine Buddy Seat with a Wisconsin Soybean Farmer

Lack of rain brings early harvest


Who:    All available for interviews

Dr. Shawn Conley, Soybean & Wheat Extension Specialist, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Bob Karls, Executive Director, Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board, Madison

Wisconsin Soybean Farmers

When:  Now through October 15, 2013 — limited time harvest is happening. Combine ride alongs available.

Where: Wisconsin Soybean Farmers harvesting:

  • Mike Cerny, Sharon (Southeast WI)
  • Eugene Weis, Union Grove, (Southeast WI)
  • Bob Arndt, Arndt Farms, Janesville, (Southeast WI)
  • Jeff Gaska, Columbus (Southeast WI)
  • Jonathan Gibbs, Fox Lake, WI  (Southeast WI)
  • Dean Manthe, Sun Prairie (South-central WI)
  • Dan Roe, Monticello (Southwest WI)
  • UW-Agriculture Research Station, Marshfield (Central WI)
  • Dean Ruff, Bloomer (Central WI)
  • Kevin Hoyer, West Salem (West central WI)
  • Tim Goodenough, Mindoro (West central WI)
  • Andy Bensend, Dallas (Northwest WI)

Farmers listed above harvest between 600 to 2,000 acres of soybeans on their family farms.

What: This ride along offers a soybean harvest experience from a local farmer’s perspective. Learn about crop growth and yield through the summer, and discover the many uses for soybeans from livestock feed to human consumption. See firsthand how farmers are using innovative technology and tools in that cab of a combine to get information on yields and soil conditions instantly. Schedule a ride along in a combine to experience the harvest firsthand.

To schedule a ride along with any of the soybean farmers, contact Christine Lindner at 920.296.9772 or clindner@flavorfulinsight.com.

About Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board (WSMB): Established in 1983 as part of a Wisconsin-mandated checkoff, the WSMB works every day to maximize the profitability of Wisconsin soybean producers. WSMB is dedicated to building demand, creating new uses and focusing on disease research for Wisconsin soybeans. The Board is committed to statewide education and outreach programs to inform consumers about the benefits of soy. For more information, visit www.wisoybean.org.