This is not a checkoff funded page. The information, policies, and/or content on this page are not funded by soybean checkoff dollars.

Wisconsin Soybean Association (WSA) membership efforts support policy development in the Wisconsin Legislature and in Washington, D.C.
No checkoff funds are used in these efforts.

WSA is funded by voluntary member dues. Membership represents growers from all sizes of soybean farms and unites as one strong voice. WSA monitors carefully the farm bill and issues involving biodiesel, exports, transportation infrastructure, domestic livestock and profitability.

Become a member today by downloading our member brochure, or completing the American Soybean Association’s (ASA) online membership application. WSA members are automatically members of the American Soybean Association, our national affiliate, and receive the following member benefits.

To learn how your membership helps support legislative efforts most important to soybean growers, contact the Wisconsin Soybean Association at 608.274.7522.